Writer’s Toolbox

To my fellow writers,

Writing is a difficult endeavor. There are so many obstacles – writer’s block, lack of motivation, self-doubt. But, of course, the only way to become a better writer is to write. So where do you start?

Here at my Writer’s Toolbox, I hope you’ll feel free to comment with your own tips and lessons learned. I love getting to know other writers and checking out their websites and works! Interacting with a writing community is immensely exciting and motivating.

Also pick from any of the below categories to explore some of my own fun ways to get the creative juices flowing. I post writing tips every Tuesday. These include lifestyle tips to improve focus, prompts to gain inspiration, book recommendations, and other things. Happy writing!

Rayne Abigail

NOTE: The following three categories will not contain links until this coming Tuesday, July 14th, when I will release my first Tea Time Tuesday post.


Does Stephen King creep you out? Turns out he actually wrote a very whimsical book on writing that you have to read if you want to write. Click here if you want to learn from the masters – I have conveniently compiled them for you out of the goodness of my heart.


Does doing yoga improve your skills as a writer? Does walking outside serve you better than buying an expensive journal? Here I talk about building the cerebral tower that a writer inhabits, by forming simple daily-life habits. Anyone can be creative – they just need to learn how.


To write, you must have courage. The reward will come when you can write nonstop, so I’ll show you with prompts and advice how to sit down and write… and write… and write.

Or if you want to hit me up directly to chat about the writer’s life, feel free to reach out!

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