Welcome to The Bus Stop

Hello to all, and welcome to The Bus Stop! This is the bench at a bus stop on a road that stretches through endless fields and cities under both blue and cloudy skies. It is an adventure road.

My name is Rayne Abigail. I am 17, a 1w9 on the Enneagram, a barista at Starbucks (hit me up if you want some coffee tips!), a lover of tea parties and musicals and watercolor paints, the oldest of four siblings, the daughter of two people who told me that I need to write.

The first story I ever wrote was about my stuffed animals. One was a chick and one was a duck. Their names were Chicky and Ducky. They ran a lemonade stand together.

When I was fourteen I wrote a story about a little boy who faced his fears and climbed a tree. He retrieved a lost ball for some other children, but when he gave it to them they ran off and played without him.

Three weeks ago, I wrote a story – a true story, actually – about my childhood friend’s mother. And that one, you can read right here, on The Bus Stop, among many other short stories, pocket-sized anecdotes and memoirs, and other pieces of writing. I post a written piece every Friday. I write to entertain and to humor, but also to provoke thought and contemplation – essentially, I write for those who are willing to read between the lines. Underneath the stories I tell are the themes that are close to my heart. Among these themes are heritage, legacy, history, childhood, equality, women’s rights, loyalty, and most of all, redemption.

I not only want to share my writing with all of you, but I want to help other budding writers. To anyone who considers themselves a writer, or who wants to be a writer – check out the Writer’s Toolbox! This is where I will post, every Tuesday, tips and tricks on everything writing. I believe that if you want to be a writer, you don’t have to write well, you don’t have to write beautifully – heck, you don’t even have to write with good grammar. I believe that if you want to be a writer, you have to write. A lot. So please join me, aspiring writers, on Tea Time Tuesdays to discuss fun prompts, exercises, and habits that will help you to write like you’re running out of time. (Comment if you got the reference.)

Please follow me here at The Bus Stop and introduce yourself in the comments! It is important to me that I get to know my readers, and learn from them what wisdom they have earned in their lifetimes.

Again, welcome. This is the bench at a bus stop, and there are stories to tell while you wait.

Rayne Abigail

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