A Rich Man, a Girl, and the Sea: A Short Story

The sea tricked the rich man. It said to him, “If you buy the house on my coast I will give you the shore and it will increase its value.” So the man bought the house, but the sea rose high and rolled over the shore until there was none left. There was only an endless stretch of sharp rocks, so there would be no picnics on the sand or swimming in the lake for the rich man. The house was simply a house with a view.

But to the little girl, the sea gave a gift. She left the house, climbed through the sandy trench down the steep coast, and carefully picked across the sharp rocks. She looked at the sea, which sparkled like a bride in sequins. Then she looked down the steep rocky coast and saw a large tire.

The tire was at least three feet high and four feet long, lying face-down on the rocks. The waves crashed against the tire but it didn’t move. The girl was delighted. She climbed up onto the tire, smearing her hands, shins, and calves with black. It was a perfect place to sit.

She talked to the sea, she sang to the sea, she thanked the sea. For it had brought her the tire, so she could come every day and watch the sun go down without fear of the rocks. When she came back the next summer, the tire was still there. The sea kept it there for her so she would always be able to come and sing “In Memoriam” to it.

For it’s a long way out to reach the sea but I’m sure I’ll find you waiting there for me

The sea took the shore away from the rich man, but to the little girl it gave the entirety of itself.

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